Saturday, September 24, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the Moon is in #Cancer & this of course favors #Cancer for taking the initiative and feeling confident, #Leo could feel a little tired & need a little more TLC than normal, while Some #Virgo's feel stuck others are breaking loose, #Libra is in charge & calling the shoots, impressing higher ups & flaunting their high style. #Scorpio is in a cycle of completions ridding their lives of debris but also giving themselves a break, #Sagittarius waits for a proverbial door to open, #Capricorn gets their ducks in order as Pluto prepares to go direct in their Sun sign, #Aquarius is counting the days and weeks but what else is new, #Pisces, is climbing upwards and on wards, #Aries is helpful to others but neglecting themselves oh my! While #Taurus moves slowly & methodically to get exactly what they want, #Gemini needs to count their money and your money.

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