Thursday, September 22, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Happy Thursday with Mercury now direct things can get into a more "normal" routine! The Moon is in the sign of #Gemini today & this favors #Gemini's who will take the initiative & get things done. The Moon in Gemini is not so good for #Cancer is prone to giving TMI today, #Leo is spontaneous & feels the need to spend, #Virgo is making a well thought out plan and will act upon it, Oh my! While #Libra hates the boredom of their routine, and does spontaneous things, #Scorpio needs to push forward, realize change is here and move on, #Sagittarius revived friendships, connections an their love lives, #Capricorn seizes opportunities to be in the spotlight, #Aquarius needs to be courageous, and self-confident after an apparent loss, #Pisces is inundated with things to do, but can meet the challenge, #Aries only has time for their beloved, while #Taurus eats, drinks, goes shopping and is merry! Go to for more. 

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