Thursday, September 8, 2016

Today's Planet & You

Today the Moon is in #Sagittarius and it's time to think ahead & give your opinion! The Moon in #Sagittarius favors Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising to get ahead and stand out in a crowd, #Scorpio to be shrewd with their money & making deals, #Libra to learn something new & think before they speak, #Virgo needs space & to cut back on their monthly expenses, #Leo has a dry sense of humor that few get and that;s funny, while #Cancer works hard, cleans and fixes things #Gemini, is singled out by someone for commitment but should he or she? #Taurus needs to be patient and be prepared to do things over, #Aries has great ideas that others might poo-poo, #Pisces needs to be patient and take constructive criticism, that's how you learn, While #Aquarius needs to let go of the past and move-on, #Capricorn money can be an issue and someone could shake you down for cash!

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