Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the ‪#‎Taurus Moon ignites your sweet tooth! No one wants the hard sell today so move slowly and wait in line like everyone else. The #Taurus Moon favors #Taurus to be standout, ‪#Gemini to save more $, #Cancer to be sweeter, #Leo to want things their way, what else is new, #Virgo to experience some good fortune, #Libra to get lucky, #Scorpio to find new friends and old friends again, #Sagittarius to work hard for their money, #Capricorn to find their passion, while #Aquarius wants to stay home, #Pisces learns to communicate better, and #Aries brings home the bacon, no really brings home the bacon it's part of their new diet. Visit
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