Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the Moon is in #Aquarius along with a favorable aspect between Venus & Pluto. The Moon in Aquarius favors Aquarius who could be enjoying relationship luck, #Capricorn re-fills the piggy bank, #Sagittarius is tempted by a past love, #Scorpio makes a major shift that brings applause, #Libra is excited about a lover, #Virgo may be talking to someone new or seeking a new job, #Leo this is date night for you with lots of attention showered upon you, #Cancer digs deep to recuperate from spending too much, #Gemini is never without a plan, #Taurus gets an opportunity to shine so smile and stand up straight, while #Aries is innovative & has the solution to problems, #Pisces is reflective and breaks a hex or the bad mojo that has been following him/her around.

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