Sunday, August 14, 2016

Today's Planet's & You

The #Capricorn Moon today favors #Capricorn to stand out & bulldoze through troubles, #Aquarius to fight temptation & be thrifty, #Pisces to accept help and be deeply grateful, #Aries to take charge & show off how good he/she is in an emergency, #Taurus to focus in the future & future goals, #Gemini to feel their power & help those they care about, #Cancer to contemplate a future alliance, BFF, or significant other, #Leo to work hard & catch themselves being too critical, #Virgo to the right thing in matters of the heart, while #Libra thinks about a move renovation & a family matter, #Scorpio seriously thinks about his/her own future, while #sagittarius does their own thing & doesn't care what anyone thinks or wants. visit & Download my Mobile App for more! 

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