Sunday, August 14, 2016

Happy Birthday #Leo if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Leo if you're born today, with your heart on your sleeve you start your new Birthday Year! The tiny voice inside your head starts to whisper shady nothings about dumping your current amore and trading up or down as the situation may be, What a mess you could create if you do that. there's the shared house, the joint checking account, the pets or kids you both have grown to love. Then there's your insatiable desire to be with someone who appreciates you and sees you with hungry eyes. Are you a Filet Mignon ready to be devoured by someone new? or are you chopped beef and an old skillet, eaten with no intent or dinner conversation? The temptation grows this year fro sure! Oh it's not all love this year on the job you are unstoppable!
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