Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Today's Planets & You

The Moon is in the fun loving, partying sign of #Leo which of course favors #Leo yet the Sun in #Cancer says work before play please! #Virgo is tempted to find love in dangerous laces, #Libra needs to save so tags along with friends, #Scorpio inches towards a deadline, #Sagittarius longs for time to do their own thing, #Capricorn is easily turned off, #Aquarius needs to pamper his or herself more, #Pisces needs new opportunities & new things to do, like a job, #Aries needs to rearrange things, #Taurus needs to see people in a better light, #Gemini focuses on money & hanging on to it, #Cancer wants to make a huge purchase.

More importantly you’ll want to know what astrological house or zone the sign of Cancer influences in your personal natal birth chart. Make sure your natal birth chart is calculated correctly, there’s nothing worse than going online, calculating your birth chart, spending hours being your own astrologer and finding out it was calculated incorrectly, wrong and that your personal interpretations were incorrect.

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