Sunday, July 31, 2016

Today's Planets & you

Today the Moon is in #Cancer which favors #Cancer to take charge & move forward! #Leo needs a rest & could feel very sensitive today, While it's a good day for #Virgo to spend at home of with friends, #Libra switches gears again shuffling through friends & lovers alike, #Scorpio is counting the days until change comes, #Sagittarius gets a moment in time to recollect the past & the way forward while #Capricorn pays a karma debt & gets a karmic reward, #Aquarius needs to bond & turn off the sensitivity button, #Pisces, sees the errors of their ways with others, #Aries feels loved & enjoys it, #Taurus is another #Sunsign that is looking back and fixing mistakes, and #Gemini chooses and picks which past relationships make the cut. Visit and don't forget to get my Mobile horoscope App! 

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