Thursday, July 28, 2016

Today's Planet's & You

Today the #Moon changes signs going from #Taurus to #Gemini. This means that mid day you go from slow and methodical to busy as a beaver! It also means that there's a Fraud Alert!
Today #Taurus starts fresh and takes matters into their own hands, #Gemini is checking things twice, #Cancer needs to watch their back & their credit cards, While #Leo says "Get outta my business!" #Virgo doesn't know who to believe & what else is new there, #Libra is getting used to being in & out of a relationship and getting pretty good at both times, #Scorpio is the game to beat but ya can't #Sagittarius makes it all about you, while #Capricorn is bothered by pesky critters & bugs, #Aquarius wants to flirt & start something romantic but how? #Pisces is ready to start fresh, #Aries was quiet and then not so much, #Aries gets their thoughts together and goes off on someone!
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