Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Today's Planets & You

The Full Moon in #Capricorn at Sunset favors #Capricorn to stand heads & shoulders above everyone else, #Sagittarius to see life in slow motion & to change if they want to, #Scorpio to control their anger and be methodical, #Libra to let go of the past & what's blocking them from their futures, #Virgo to try to understand what they want, expect from others & wonder is it too much, While #Leo is easily hurt when all they've dine was to try to help, #Cancer remembers when it was what they wanted to do not what you wanted to do, #Gemini is more determined to go for the golden ring, #Taurus is on the road to taking better care of him or herself, #Aries surveys their life & what's working and what's not working, #Pisces realizes the world and people in it are helpful after all, and #Aquarius is on the mend, so don't push yourself today! Visit www.terrynazon.com get my Horoscope Mobile App which we are always improving! 

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