Monday, July 18, 2016

Today's Planets & You

The Moon's in #Capricorn today and so bright! Oh did I mention that more Mass murders where born under the sign of Capricorn than any other Sun sign? Another reason to stick to business, watch them kids, stay in your lane, and follow the rules today! Just saying! The #Moon in #Capricorn favors #Capricorn to be the boss & see how far you've come! #Sagittarius needs to be pliable & avoid 's scary, & no one should try to take anything away from him or her, #Libra simply cannot stand to look at that color on the wall or office for one more second without vomiting, #Virgo pls get out of that co-dependent situation, #Leo delicately plans their exit strategy from a relationship, While #Cancer is looking forward to guests leaving, kids going to school & peace, #Gemini is the picture of saving, saving & avoiding tempting purchases,#Taurus takes the cake for lucky breaks today, while #Aries needs not get angry and pls put down the sharp objects you'll hurt yourself or someone else, While #Pisces who has all the support in the world, has no reason for not making it, and #Aquarius, stop pushing yourself so hard and rest. Visit

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