Friday, July 15, 2016

Today's Planets & You

The Moon is in the #Sunsign #Sagittarius today along with Saturn so there is sadness in the world today. The Sagittarius Moon makes things real for Sagittarius #Sunsign who never just sits there but jumps into action today, #Capricorn has a money crunch so put your wallet away for a bit, while #Aquarius needs to avoid anything that affects brain activity or gives him or her a headache, #Pisces needs to be preparing for a new job or career change while #Aries should slow down & stop moving ahead for a brief moment that is, #Taurus constantly has someone asking for more information, & is tested, while #Gemini can help another change his or her life, #Cancer is dealing with a lover's problem or a child's problem, #Leo smiles through the pain, #Virgo needs to have a future plan as life changes, #Libra is too willing to blow off friends in lieu a new lover, and #Scorpio wants to argue about everything or stall. Visit for more and get my Mobile App, you can't live with out it!

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