Sunday, July 10, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the Moon is in the sign of #Libra which of course favors #Libra to stand out & be the boss! #Virgo goes on a shopping spree for yet more clothes, while has a heart to heart with someone about the future, #Cancer gets the proverbial 2nd chance with a lover or child, #Gemini finally turns a corner & makes a major purchase, #Taurus has that loving feeling realizing they were wrong for so long, #Aries has more ideas for having fun, but his or her fun isn't your kind of fun, #Pisces is back on track with everyone & the money should be flowing, #Aquarius needs to keep their minds focused on one thing work & career, not on what their neighbor is doing, #Capricorn reconnects with past friends, & lovers, #Sagittarius wants to be like you & wonders when their time will come, #Scorpio needs to be positive & embrace the changes because they are good! Visit for more

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