Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Today's Planets and You

The 4th Quarter Moon in #Taurus is under way at Sunset I love it! It joins our loving asteroid Ceres who wants t slow down & enjoy life. This favors the sign of #Taurus, even gets #Aries to start thinking about good times, good food & good company! While #Pisces gets the proverbial 2nd chance at life, #Aquarius too is about to make a big move towards happiness, #Capricorn can fall in love, #Sagittarius feels their power to be independent & make their own money, while #Scorpio stirs the pot, #Libra decides to commit or not to commit, #Virgo wants to travel, splurge on someone & save money, "Say What?" #Leo asks for that raise, promotion or walks away, #Cancer has a new attitude towards a lover or child, #Gemini wants to be debt free, & flush with cash in the bank and why not? Get my Mobile App and Visit www.terrynazon.com 

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