Sunday, July 31, 2016

Happy Birthday #Leo if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Leo if you're born today while you're popularity rises and on the outside everything seems to be going great, inside it's another story. Maybe you suffer a loss or a heartbreak and like so many others have to put a smile on your face and keep going. Maybe you need more vaca time during the coming year to regenerate to keep coming back stronger. While some of you won't be 100% happy with your job, the workplace, employees if you have them or co-workers, it too much trouble to change. if you are seeking a new job don't hand in your resignation or two week notice until you have another job lined up. Some of you already have that 2nd job lined up and will exhaust yourselves working two jobs. It's all about work, health, pets, and staying on top of things during the coming year!
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