Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy Birthday #Cancer if you're born today

Happy Birthday #Cancer if you're born today you have to be more aware of your communications, and thoughts. Think positively and well, by now you know to filter what you say and how much information you give to others. It's an ever present threat, saying too much that is. You are still finishing up a karmic cycle that is pushing you out of your crab shell and into the big world. True it's a slow process but once you know what the process is you can embrace it and move faster through it right? As your Birthday begins Saturn Mr. Miser is about to go direct so he's moving slowly as he does every summer when the days are long and you know that soon things will change. You are in that ever present feeling that things will change so savor each moment, take plenty of pics and enjoy! In love powerful planets move you in and out of relationships visit 

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