Sunday, June 5, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the #Gemini Moon starts a new cycle of activity for everyone, but favors #Gemini strongly for fresh starts & new beginnings. #Cancer makes promising inroads, keeps secrets & needs time alone, #Leo has numerous opportunities for trysts & to reconnect with friends & exes, while #Virgo needed worry too much you'll have all the right words at your fingertips or on your tongue, #Libra how about a stay-cation instead of a vacation? #Scorpio thinking provides yo with more progress & evolution, #Sagittarius gives up the spotlight to out someone else front & center, while #Capricorn finds one more thing to fit in their tight schedules, #Aquarius fine tunes the art of love, #Pisces continues to learn more about managing resources aka money, #Aries says Catch me if you can and #Taurus knows the Energy follows thought! 

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