Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the Moon is in #Taurus ruler of money, wealth, comfort & taking it easy! The planet of communications Mercury enters hyper-sensitive Cancer at 7:24 PM EDT while your ruler Mars goes stationary direct at 7:38 PM EDT. Will you feel the shift?
The Moon in #Taurus favors #Taurus as a standout! #Aries wants to take their time today, while #Gemini experiences lots of coincidences, #Cancer hears from someone from the past who wants to help him or her, #Leo is going over the #50waystoleaveyour lover posts, #Virgo wants you but doesn't, #Libra realizes yo can take the same road back home but everything else has changed, #Scorpio still wants his or her way even though it's clear that ain't happening, While #Sagittarius wiggles out of spending time with you, #Capricorn falls in love, #Aqaurius needs to put the anger and the sledgehammer away, and #Pisces is feeling A-Ok. 

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