Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Today's Planets & you

Today the Moon is in #Capricorn where it's OK to have your walls up, to be bitchy & to say "Hell No"! because the buck stops here, right here in #Capricorn. The #Moon in #Capricorn favors boss lady & boss man #Capricorn, and don't mess with #Sagittarius money, not today, Watch out for #Scorpio who at some moment today has an opportunity to grab your money, while #Libra contemplates the right time for change, #Virgo snubs someone big time, #Leo has hurt feelings and won't fess up to it, #Cancer is tired but everyone is pressuring him or her none the less, #Gemini needs to erase, delete, & find their way to Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, #Taurus is lucky if they reach out and touch someone, #Aries is not playing around with anyone who gets in hos or her way, #Pisces, can change their karmic pattern if they want to and #Aquarius is all business and disappears into their ambitions. www.terrynazon.com 

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