Saturday, June 18, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the Moon is in #Sagittarius so #Sagittarius is favored to be noticed, get their way & manage others! The Moon in #Sagittarius helps #Scorpio get on the money train, #Libra break free from the money bleed, #Virgo go back & forth but eventually make a major decision & helps #Leo solve a love triangle problem. #Cancer needs to be wanted not used, while #Gemini waits for someone to call, #Taurus has to be brutally honest, #Aries needs someone to go along with his or her plans, #Pisces in their heart or hearts knows "Change gonna do me good" #Aquarius Does better by saying nothing, #Capricorn does their best to show they care.

Etta James A Change Is Gonna Do Me Good Lyrics

Drained of emotion
Tears run dry
I would give anything
Just to feel all right
Down on my knees
Praying for help
But sometimes you just gotta help yourself
I tried so hard to be someone you would love
Seems I would never try hard enough
Though I love you, got to give you up
I'm going back to who I was
And I do believe that change is gonna do me good
Let's take this moment to say goodbye
Look at each other right straight in the eye
Don't look back, baby, because I'll be gone
I've got my own life to carry on
I do believe
change, change is gonna do me good
change, change is gonna do me good

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