Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Today's Planets & You

The Moon rules the underlying Feeling or ambience of the day. Today the #Moon is in #Libra. This favors #Libra and especially #Libra Rising to get their way. The Moon in Libra has #Virgo weighing their options & tallying the cost of a relationship, #Leo is understanding and wants to understand your pain, while #Cancer keeps their pain to themselves knowing all too well that people will use their weaknesses against them, #Gemini finds some solace with a new love, ##Taurus is altruistic, helpful & feeling very humanitarian, #Aries hears what you say but does their own thing anyways, #Pisces works on relationships and towards changing your perception of him or her, #Aquarius knowing some things are out of their hands focuses on happiness and getting out and about while #Capricorn sticks to what's important, their image, #Sagittarius doesn't want to pick up the phone because they are behind on everything, #Scorpio mourns the ghosts of the past but gets on with things anyways! if you don't know what your Rising Sign is and you know your Time of birth find out at http://www.terrynazon.com/natal_chart.php

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