Monday, June 13, 2016

Today's Planets & You

Today the Moon is in Peace loving #Libra the sign of the scales, which balance karma and fate continuously! Stay in Balance today! The Moon in #LIbra favors #Libra and #Libra Rising who tries to understand others, #Scorpio on the other hand feels others should try to understand him or her, while #Sagittarius is held accountable, #Capricorn solid as a rock needs to take care of their health & shake off the anxiety but work hard, #Aquarius needs laughter, #Pisces needs to avoid toxic types, while #Aries is trying to keep it all inside, #Taurus needs not to be influenced anymore by others, #Gemini has to be active & watch their delicate health, while #Cancer please keep secrets! #Leo needs new friends & lovers, while #Virgo needs to be nicer. Here we go, we are entering the zone of the Saturn Neptune square...keep a flash light handy! 

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