Friday, June 3, 2016

Today's Planet's and You

Today it's the Dark Moon in ‪#‎Taurus‬ a spiritual time no one likes to be pushed, bothered or told what to do while the Moon is in #Taurus. Go with the meandering pace and enjoy the process. The ‪#‎Moon‬ in #Taurus favors #Taurus & #Taurus rising who gets their way today! The earth signs ‪#‎Virgo‬ and ‪#‎Capricorn‬ enjoy security & financial good fortune, while water signs ‪#‎Cancer‬ & ‪#‎Pisces‬ have opportunity upon opportunity today. ‪#‎Scorpio‬ is going over things from the past & their relationships, ‪#‎Sagittarius‬ needs time & for others to let them do their work, ‪#‎Aries‬ should just enjoy the accumulation of money & stop spending while air sign ‪#‎Gemini‬ works on themselves, ‪#‎Aquarius‬ is extra pushy today, ‪#‎Libra‬ is enjoying their privacy, and ‪#‎Leo‬ wants everyone to notice him or her.
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