Monday, May 23, 2016

12 Signs of Drug Addiction

1. Changes in Appearance
2. Loss of Appetite
3. Lack of interest in eating or sleep.
3. Lack of Personal Hygiene: Drug addicts often cease personal grooming and smell bad when coming off certain drugs; No interest in washing clothes, showering, and brushing teeth.
4. Memory Loss:  For instance, unable to recall what they did last night or if injured, unable to recall how it occurred.
5. Loss of Interest in Social Activities: A loss of motivation for school, hobbies, exercise, or for things that they enjoyed in the past.
6. Financial Requests: For instance, a sudden unexplained need for money, i.e., borrowing or stealing to pay off unexplained debt.
7. Secretive Behavior: They act sneaky, withdraw from those they love and remain secretive about where they spend their time.
8. Change in Social Circles: A shift from longtime friends and relationships to new friends, hangouts, and pastimes.
9. Change in Personality: Unexplained changes in attitude, mood, increased irritability, & angry or violent outbursts.
10. Highs and Lows: Periods of extreme hyperactivity, followed by periods of fatigue where they seem “out of it”.
11. New Health Concerns: Sure as headaches, seizures or tremors, & nosebleeds (meth or cocaine use).
12. Paranoia: A sudden fear or distrust of others with no rational explanation.
If you or someone you know exhibits these issues it may be Drug Addiction Related
SAMHSA National Helpline  1-800-662-4357

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