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Valentine's Day Falling in love with your Compatible Sun sign

Your astrological Sun sign indicates your approach to love, dating, relating, commitment and marriage.  It gives a general idea of how you relate to others especially a love interest, potential partner or a date.  Your Sun sign indicates the type of man or woman you will be attracted to do and also the type of man or woman you ultimately end up marrying or committed to.
How does your birth chart affect your love life? 
Each one of us was born under specific planets and patterns in the heavens determined by your time and place of birth that make up what is called the Natal Birth Chart.  It’s unique to each individual.   The Natal Birth Chart is a more intimate and detailed picture of what makes you uniquely you.  It indicates what challenges you came into the world with and of course relationships are always a big challenge.  A person’s Sun sign is their Solar Chart.

When looking for a mate, should you consider his or her astrological sign?
Absolutely...  the Sun sign represents the life force, and is a quick guide for everyone since it’s there is an easy standard or benchmark for each Sun sign that’s easy to understand and so many people already know the characteristics of each and every Sun sign.  This is referred to as the Solar Chart vs the Natal Birth Chart which is calculated with the date or birth, time of birth and place of birth.  Both are good indicators of a person’s personality and love life.
Can you describe each of the sign’s love personality in a few sentences?
  • Aries: Aries is passionate, easily excited and wants to know that the object of their desire is interested as soon as possible.  “Aries might even ask “So, do you like me?” They have no trouble at all being the first to approach someone they are interested in.  Yet, they are just as quick to end a relationship when the other person doesn’t go along with their great ideas and pick up on their enthusiasm and just as quick to regret a break up.  This Sun sign can get involved fast and figure out who they’re actually involved with later. 
  • Taurus: is a sweet Sun sign called the natural money magnet of the zodiac.  In love, Taurus is a good listener and likes to hold hands, cuddle, sit close and touch their hearts desire. Taurus will notice when you wear something soft like flannel or silk.  They’ll notice when you feel soft, if your hair smells nice and if you have a nice voice.  They’re all about the senses.  But don’t rush a Taurus, they take forever to commit.   
  • Gemini: Gemini is a driven Sun sign and trying to pin one down, well, it’s like trying to grab a humming bird.  No one can easily resist Gemini’s charm or deny him or her much.  With kinetic energy to spare they love to talk, ask questions and seem truly engaged in what’s going on in their significant others life.  They give the other person plenty of room and freedom and demand freedom themselves to pursue their many interests.  If you are looking for someone who understands you might come home late a time or two, Gemini is your best bet. 
  • Cancer: Both the men and women of this Sun sign are nurturing, emotional and they really care about the one they love to a fault.  Yet Cancer is an ultra-sensitive Sun sign and feels sighted easily and can be brought to tears just as easily.  They are fiercely protective of anyone they love and care about. This Sun sign bonds for keeps and doesn’t enter a relationship frivolously.   
  • Leo:  Leo is a warm, fiercely loyal, and a generous lover to anyone he or she falls for.  Yes, that means they’ll give gifts and do their best to make sure you’re happy.  But, Leo wants a love story and wants to create a fairy tale like Cinderella and is looking for the perfect person to play the role of Prince Charming or Snow White.  This can make the other person feel a little detached from reality.
  • Virgo: Virgo seeks someone larger than life or someone they think is larger than life.  Someone they can attribute super human powers to.  They need someone to worship and serve.  As long as their significant other keeps up the mystique all is well.  That doesn’t mean you have to be super human for Virgo.  He or she just has to see something special in you that others miss. You’ll know you’ve fallen from grace when they start to criticize. 
  • Libra:  Libra rules relationships, likes to be in a partnership, committed relationship, marriage and falling in love.  In fact, he or she feels at their best when matched, paired or in love.  This Sun sign wants to be involved with his or her special someone.  Deeply involved.  Your job is their job, your business is their business and to deny Libra this level of togetherness is just cruel.
  • Scorpio:  Scorpio knows what they want, exactly what they want and will forego frivolous relationships, or committed relationships until they find their real Soul mate.  Or the person who fits the idea of their soulmate.  Known for their mystery and bedroom talents, Scorpio has deep eyes that are said to hypnotize the object of their desires.  Scorpio can recognize their future mate on sight.
  • Sagittarius: The Sun sign Sagittarius needs freedom.  They look for someone who is on the go, energetic, curious, and quick and never notices that they are not home.  Independence is important to Sagittarius, their own that is.  While they like their freedom, he or she might not give you as much freedom as they take.  Sagittarius wants a partner in crime, someone who is intelligent and willing to let him or her go to see the world if they want to.  
  • Capricorn: The ever climbing Goat seeks someone serious about commitment.  When it comes to romance Capricorn plays by the rules.  And the rules need to be followed.  Following the rules leads to the alter, children and the white picket fence.  Capricorn loves to attract someone on a fast track to success and someone who is rich in so many ways. 
  • Aquarius:  Aquarius falls in love with their first love.  Whoever makes that 1st impression on him or her gets embedded into their psyche somewhere and Aquarius is tempted to compare all others to that person forever more.  They are attracted to someone larger than life, regal and who has real star quality.  This Sun sign is concerned with world hunger, and has opinions about how to solve the world’s problems.  They don’t like anyone who doesn’t agree.  For all their far out ideas they attract someone traditional. 
  • Pisces: Pisces likes both saints and sinners.  Lady fish are smitten by the bad boys or girls and the males of this Sun sign are sweet and need to be helped and saved.  Both are compassionate to fault and sense their significant others moods.  Someone who is suffering or going through a rough patch might be on Pisces Radar.  

Are there certain signs that are more monogamous and those who like to play the field? There are Sun signs who need more personal space but everyone if happy in a relationship stays put.
More Monogamous: Cancer, Capricorn, Libra won’t leave until they have someone else lined up,
How much stake should you put in your daily horoscope when it comes to relationships?
It depends who is writing the Daily horoscopes. There will be days when the planets align and love is in the air.  There will be days when certain Sun signs are aligned with those amazing alignments and your chances for meeting someone, flirting, getting along with someone or starting a relationship are skewed in their favor. 
What are some astrological sign pairings that don’t usually work out?
Yes, the Fixed Suns signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius can be initially drawn to each other by a hot physical attraction that is troublesome when the physical attraction runs its course.  If they work hard together on a mutual goal, they can do great things and achieve much; they can be a power couple.  Yet again, when they’re not working, put the boxing gloves on, they will fight til the end!    

What are some astrological sign pairings that are compatible?
Too many to count! In my opinion generally, these relationships always have opportunities coming to them so it never gets boring, there’s always something that comes along and propels the relationship. 
Aries: Aquarius, and Gemini
Taurus: Cancer, and Pisces
Gemini: Aries, and Leo
Cancer: Taurus, and Virgo
Leo: Gemini, and Libra
Virgo: Cancer, and Scorpio
Libra: Leo, and Sagittarius
Scorpio: Virgo, and Capricorn
Sagittarius: Libra, and Aquarius
Capricorn: Scorpio, and Pisces
Aquarius: Sagittarius, and Aries
Pisces: Taurus and Capricorn

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