Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Is there any truth to a Kimye @KimKardashian @KanyeWest divorce Rumors?

Is there any truth to a Kimye @KimKardashian @KanyeWest divorce? Absolutely. But Kim Kardashian may be holding on to hope that things will change yet secretly embarrassed and ignoring all of Kanye’s strange behavior. Things at home are not good and Kim with a full 12th house of suffering on account of love, losses, karma and a cycle of completion being transited by some very malefic influences namely Mars and Saturn who show no signs of giving up until years’ end, how long will you hang on, til years end? Could Kanye be being abusive? Well there’s nothing that’s stopped him from being openly disrespectful to @AmberRose or @TaylorSwift so Kim how far does he go with you? Uranus in Aries in your solar 4th house makes you not even want to live with him sometimes. While Mars transits your Natal 12th house Uranus in Scorpio put on your boxing gloves and carry some mace spray when he’s indulging in what he shouldn’t be indulging in, too much. Kim will breathe a huge sigh of relief when she’s free of this! A new solo 28 yr. cycle starts for her by year end! The sadder reality is that both their hearts will be broken in an maniacal ego battle for superiority.

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