Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jupiter in Virgo What to expect

From Aug. 11 through Sept. 9, 2016 the planet Jupiter will be transiting the earth sign Virgo. While Jupiter is considered a beneficial planet, a planet of largess, and expansion, that’s not always true, especially if Jupiter by transit receives tough aspects or natally in your birth chart is aspected badly. In the worst case, it can lead to bravado and nervousness, and it can provoke anyone into doing too much, going too far and just being hard to deal with. With Jupiter in Virgo, waiting too long to get things done can be a boon or bust. You can wait until the last minute to past bills, and then get stuck with a late fee. In the flip side sometimes waiting and not jumping to conclusions is a good thing. Being helpful to others is a good thing but to the event that you neglect your own needs, family and home is not. Being timely, on time and organized is essential with Jupiter in Virgo! There are many ways to learn about this new year long transit of Jupiter through Virgo. My Jupiter report is one way, it takes a look at your natal Jupiter in an easy to follow report. It’s a good start for the person with a beginning to intermediate knowledge of astrology. No other Sun sign is able to see the minute details like the sign of Virgo and now we have a year to learn the value or disruption of focusing on all the little things. You’ll learn to plan your day and use your time wisely and of course bear in mind we’re all at different places with our Virgo-ness. If you really want to understand how Jupiter operates in your life than only a consultation with me will do. We’ll examine Jupiter’s position house and aspects at the time of your birth and the condition of the placement of the planet Jupiter and the sign of Virgo and any aspects to it as only a real astrologer can do! This can be done through a phone consultation or e-reading. Book Now!