Sunday, September 28, 2014

If you haven't noticed...We have made lots of changes here at

We have made lots of changes here at !

  • You can now review all of the previous Horoscopes; monthly horoscopes, weekly horoscopes and now daily horoscopes! 
  • You can schedule and book a consultation with me on the web store,... yes online! 
  • You can listen to your Daily horoscopes on iheartradio right from my website! 
  • I am including my notes and planetary aspects that I personally use when writing the weekly and monthly horoscopes so you can follow along! 
  • We have gone back to including all the asteroids, in the Free Natal birth Charts

Add me to your favorites!  Boomark me!  book your next consultations with me and get names, dates, times and places! Follow me on Twitter @sexstrology,  join the conversation on my Facebook Fan page , and get your free natal birth chart on my website to follow along with us! If you do have your Natal Birth Chart I know it’s daunting to read, Call me book a consultation I’ll help you 

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