Monday, August 18, 2014

Which way are you leaning?

Fate, destiny and karma? How are they related? In Astrology the South Node rules our past life, it's where we're comfortable.  Right now the South Node is in #Aries, ruler of independence, rebellion and spontaneous attractions because Uranus is here too.  The North Node our future direction, what we should grasping for is in #Libra ruler of relationships, marriage, and getting along. When we don't feel comfortable we lean towards the South Node it's what we know, the familiar.  The North Node though is what we long for.  That's why #Libra and #Aries are feeling the heat...along with #Cancer and #Capricorn.  Where are you leaning? Towards the South Node in #Aries or towards the North Node in #Libra?

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