Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June's Fixed Stars an added dimension to your Personality and Fate

This Months Fixed stars are as follows.  See if any of these fixed stars conjoin your planet.  Check your free Natal Birth Chart  for planets, asteroids, and house cusps that fall within these degrees.  They bring an added dimension to your fate and your personality.  Remember you’re so much more than just your Sun sign.  Book your next consultation with me!

Gemini 0° 10       Alcyone                Moon/Jupiter
Gemini 02°15     Mirfak                   Jupiter/Saturn
Gemini 09° 57    Aldebaran              Mars
Gemini 17° 01    Rigel                      Jupiter/Saturn
Gemini 21° 38    Bellatrix                 Mars/Mercury
Gemini 22° 00    El Nath                  Mars
Gemini 23° 38    Alnilam                  Jupiter/Saturn
Gemini 28° 44    Polaris                   Saturn/Venus
Gemini 28° 55    Betelgeuse             Mars/Mercury
Cancer 07° 21     Mirzam                 Venus
Cancer 09° 16     Alhena                  Mercury/Venus

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