Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vesta and the Lunar North Node

The Lunar North Node and Vesta are aligned suggesting this is a great time for new traditions, and to break routine and break from the worn out past.  It's a time of new ways of doing things especially in partnerships, and within relationships.  How often is one relationship associated with a way of celebrating and doing things and another relationship is associated with following different traditions and doing things differently.  How often do we make new traditions in new relationships, like trips we take together, the important anniversary dates and how they are kept, as a way to celebrate a relationship's milestones.  That's how Vesta and the Lunar North Node in Libra are functioning right now.  
Vesta of course is always asked to behave herself as one of the virginal keepers of the flame.  She also was the keeper of secrets and kept the traditions of the secret rituals too.  Rituals are always in our life; important and not to be overlooked.  They are sacred.  We may have a morning ritual, an afternoon ritual, a ritual before we leave the house well, you get it. 
So as Vesta and the Lunar North align perhaps your daily rituals will change, the time you wake up in the morning, what you have time to do before you go to bed.  Perhaps your timing will change and you may have to re-arrange your rituals, those things you do repeatedly; especially if a relationship enters your life. The Lunar Node brings new changes to relationships as the Lunar North Node transits through the sign of Libra.  Relationships morph, they change, new ones come into our lives, and our day to day rituals change, as you make room for someone else in your life. be the keeper of  sacred flame, remember those special days, that are sacred to your relationship and also make things sacred and special by remembering them and making new traditions.  It could breathe new life into your relationship or make your new relationship sacred.  

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