Monday, February 3, 2014

February, love and Valentine's

As your February Horoscope month begins the Moon is a 1st quarter Moon in the sign of Pisces, ruler of inspiration, dreams, confusion, and miracles.  The 1st quarter Moon starts out with big dreams and high ideas but they’re fragile and easily crushed by greedy or mean spirited types. 

The planet of messages, communications, agreements, errands and thinking, the planet Mercury has already begun to slow down and will go retrograde on Feb. 6th at 4:43 pm EDT. until Feb. 28th  at 3° Pisces through to 18° Aquarius where it was last on January 23rd, and then pass through its retrograde 3° degrees  Pisces on March 21st.  Mercury will give you 3 times to get things in order, to correct things and to get back on track.  Life would be too difficult if things only moved forward, never backwards, and if we never got a 2nd chance wouldn’t it?  Mercury goes retrograde about 3 times per year, so it is nothing out of the ordinary.  There's more...visit my website

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