Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Astrology, your journey starts now!

If you are new to astrology, just curious, or find yourself in need of some self-discovery and inner guidance then astrology is a good choice.  It offers something for the beginning student, the intermediate hobbyist, and the budding professional astrologer.  The most frequent question I get is “Where do I start?”  Once someone has gotten their Free Natal Birth Chart from www.terrynazon.com  website they are curious to take things further and learn more.  A good starting point is the “It’s All About You” Natal Birth Chart Report.  This report gives you an overall simple to understand explanation of your Natal Birth Chart, with easy to follow symbols and glyphs that you will understand. 
If that’s not enough and you want further understanding of your Free Natal Birth Chart and how it relates to what’s going on in your life then the Year Ahead Transit Report walks you through the astrology transits. Specifically, the astrology transits that affect you and this report can give you a glimpse of how the movement of the planets really does influence your day-to-day activities.  

With the horoscopes I write, an effort is made to point out the specific degrees in a simple understandable way.  Is it more complicated? Of course it is.  That is why it pays to book a personal consultation, when simple answers just will not do. 

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