Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Sun is in Scorpio now: why this affects Relationships and Marriage

The Sun is now in the fixed sign of Scorpio which is intense, self-protective, determined, sometimes reclusive, and prone to being a loner.  It’s a feminine receptive sign which can irrevocable change things for better or worse.  When we all think about Scorpio we think about intimacy, sex, and sexiness. Now that the Sun has moved into the sign of Scorpio perhaps many of o will be thinking about getting intimate with someone, the Sun in Scorpio could definitely bring that out.  It’s easy to say that the Sun in Scorpio rules joint finances, your partner’s financial condition, other people’s money and definitely the sign of #Scorpio does rule all those things.
The  sign of Scorpio  important makes or breaks a relationship and let’s face it it’s easier to get naked and jump into bed with someone, than open your life up and let them see what a mess you are when it comes to spending or handling your finances.  That being said it’s not so easy once you have gotten naked, a bared your soul to someone to face possible rejection.  Because you’re at you’re most vulnerable when someone knows everything about you.  That’s why the sign of Scorpio is very important to personal relationships. We get crazy and ugly when faced possible being betrayed after opening up to someone.  The sign of Libra definitely rules marriage and personal relationships but in a let’s all get along superficial way.  There’s nothing superficial about the sign of Scorpio things get complicated and we get vulnerable.  So why do we do it.  The sign of Scorpio offers the most potential for bonding and meshing with another human being and it offers the most potential for transformation through another and that’s a beautiful thing. 
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