Friday, October 18, 2013

The Eclipse in Aries could be personally dramatic and exciting!

Tonight we experience and witness a phenomenon that has occurred for eons and is entrenched in fear and awe because of the events it has foretold of throughout time. The Eclipse, in ancient times the native or ancient people would go to great lengths not to let the light of an eclipse fall on them.  Some people still believe that today. 
There have been two eclipse cycles in 2013 and this is the 2nd It begins with a Full Moon eclipse tonight and ends with a New Moon or Solar eclipse at Saturn’s’ retrograde degree 11* Scorpio on Nov. 3rd and that’s the Eclipse that jumps starts us into new Saturn lessons and rewards.  But tonight’s Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse is at 25* Aries the third decanate of Aries co ruled by the sign of Sagittarius rued by the planet Jupiter which brings an element of good fortune and abundance, or over the top extravagance.

Eclipses foretell of important events and a Full Moon Eclipse like every Full Moon marks the ending of a cycle…not just a Lunar cycle but of a cycle of events.  In the sign of Aries which is lightning fast energetic and proactive decisions are made quickly if not hastily.  Today because the Full Moon eclipse is in Aries we are easily excitable for some in a happy go lucky good way for others in an over the top dramatic way depending on how the eclipse influences you personally.  This Full moon eclipse began with the new moon in Libra the sign that rules, collaboration, negotiation, getting along with others, getting others to go along with our plans, our relationships, partnerships and unions. Not that we’ve reached the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Aries it’s clear where you are too independent self-absorbed, or where you need the cooperation or help of others.  It’s all about relationships during an eclipse especially a Lunar Eclipse because the masculine Sun and the feminine earth are involved, this Full Moon cycle that began with the New Moon in Libra is giving you a clear and good indication of where your relationships stand.  The Full Moon eclipse in Aries brings out the Me first attitude in everyone that’s problematic in getting along and in getting others to cooperate
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