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A Sky Full of Extraordinary Opportunities

  •  A Sky Full of Extraordinary Opportunities
  • Where in the world Astro Cartography

A Sky Full of Extraordinary Opportunities

There’s always some amazing aspects in the heavens to look forward to but on July 29th 2013, a rare Grand Sextile or Mystic hexagon makes a uncommon appearance. The much celebrated grand 'mystic' hexagon or 'Grand Sextile' will be a spectacular arrangement in the skies of Earth on Monday July 29th 2013 that involves the planets,  Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, the Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Cancer,  Mars in Cancer and Venus in Virgo. The hexagon is formed in feminine (Earth and Water) signs of the tropical zodiac. Sextiles bring postive opportunities, while the Earth and Water signs bring abundance and positive creativity.  Amazingly, these planets will all be aligned between 4° and 8°, just another reason to get your Transit Report if you haven’t already.

Find out what's ahead for you in the coming year. This report details all your astrological transits for the next 12 months, and interprets them. Find out what the cosmos has in store for you or purchase it for someone close to you. Major transits and changes, as well as a month to month, transit to transit detailed report! With over 45 pages depending on your Natal Birth Chart and the aspects, it reads like a calendar. What does the coming year have in store for you? What major transits will affect your coming days and months ahead? With the transits getting a bit interesting you’ll need to navigate through these exciting times… you need this report. You'll want to know how the transits will be affecting your life! This makes a great and fun gift too
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Astro Cartography
              It became popular for some reason many years ago to experience your Birthday in and area of the world where the planet were aligned for luck, love and romance. That unfortunately doesn’t work; it’s where you live that the planets overhead exert the most influence on your life. Astro-cartography can show you where the planets are most fortuitous, lucky and beneficial to you and your specific Natal Birth Chart.

Where in the world Astro Cartography:
Each place we visit or live has a different vibration or connection with us. Different locations bring different experiences, some love, some money, some fame and fortune. Where's your lucky destination? Thinking about moving? Or are you just curious, where you would prosper, find love, find luck and are there places you should avoid? Is there somewhere you would be a mogul, or a millionaire? We all think about moving but to where? This report is invaluable if you are considering a move for job, money or love. 10-12 pages
depending on your Natal Birth Chart, of where on Earth you should be! Only $40.00 Order Now and receive your Astrology Report by Email or mail, shipping charges apply With every order you'll receive your Natal Birth Chart printed on premium decorative paper with personal notes from Terry Nazon  Click Here To Order

With a career spanning more than 20 years, the media considers Terry Nazon to be one of the world's

leading expert astrologers sharing her amazing and uncanny insight with the "who's who" of the entertainment industry and a worldwide clientele. She was voted one of the top 10 astrologers by Time Warner Books - Top Best Astrologers in America, and her Oscar predictions were featured in the 2004 edition of TV Guide Magazine. Her articles and horoscopes graced the pages of national and international magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Self, and she makes frequent celebrity guest appearances at Red Carpet events such as Russell Simmons Art For Life Philanthropic Foundation, Louis Vuitton Events and various gala openings, Intermix Store events, and more. Ms Nazon is a member in good standing with the following professional associations: American Federation of Astrologers, Research Status since 1998 (AFA), AAN, SFAA, and ISAR & NCGR

Terry Nazon, a professional Celebrity Astrologer to the stars, has been practicing astrology and consulting clients professionally since 1990, for well over 20 years. Terry Nazon holds long standing memberships in all of the many major astrological fellowships, and professional organizations including the AFA, (American Federation of Astrologers, a Research Member since 1998), AAN, SFAA, ISAR, and NCGR. Voted one of the top 10 astrologers, by Time Warner's Books Top Best Astrologer's in America. Developer Owner of several Psychic Hotlines, she has also published Vision Quest a printed astrological newsletter and online horoscope newsletter continuously since 1997. She has well over 65,000+ active Twitter followers gaining 1000+ followers weekly under her popular @sexstrology handle and over 30,000+Facebook Fans. Her Horoscopes and columns are seen all over the world and have been published in many popular fashion magazines, newspapers, and used for hundreds of web sites worldwide providing online content. She is currently the horoscope editor for Life & Style Magazine and In Touch Weekly. She has appeared on numerous Radio and TV Broadcasts, including her regular appearance on Bravo TV's Millionaire Matchmaker. She has appeared on Yahoo Mom's and throughout the years has had her own Radio Shows, time permitting. Join the many thousands of people including celebrities and Hollywood stars who have used her services to gain a better understanding of their lives, direction and where they are going. Terry has an accuracy rate of 99% and a repeat clientele of 99.9%.

Terry Nazon

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