Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Waning Moon this week

As this week begins Aries the Moon is waning, meaning it’s growing darker in light as we prepare for the New Moon on Mar.11th, in the sign of Pisces 21°24’.  While the New Moon gives birth to new energy and new directions specific to your natal birth chart, the waning Moon is an important cycle when we are winding down.  It’s a cycle of preparation for the new energy that’s coming with the New Moon.  This week the Moon is waning in the signs of Sagittarius to Pisces; your solar 9th to 12th houses.  Sagittarius is a big expansive energy that dreams a big dream.  You could find you need direction, motivation and a little pick me up, to get back to the serious tasks ahead when the Moon enters structured Capricorn.  That regimented structure and discipline leads to freedom of expression, when the Moon enters Aquarius and you put your special touch to things, and as the Moon enters Pisces we’ve finished or accomplished what was just a dream or a future goal a week ago.  By the time of the New Moon in Pisces occurs a dream of yours is ready to come true, to hatch and be made real. 

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