Monday, February 25, 2013

Generational Astrology

The outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are basically the same for every generation or those born within the same 10 year cycle, so typically because of cultural significations, upbringing and the aging sequence your experiences can be very similar to those born within your generation.
If your born in the 90's that would make you a 20 something and your experiences would be similar to other 20 something's. You might be in college or graduating and experiencing your 1st real relationship.

Those of you born in the 40’s have Saturn and Pluto in Leo and while Saturn squares your planets Uranus trines them, whatever you feel you’re losing you get back.

Those if you born in the 50’s have the planet Uranus in Leo and you could be experiencing the planet Saturn squaring your natal Uranus, life is passing you by way too quickly and the desire to get back what’s been lost or stolen is strong.

Those of you born in the 60’s have the planet Neptune in Scorpio where Saturn is now retrograde; this is the typical mark of the midlife crisis.

Many of you who are born in the 70’s have the planet Neptune in Sagittarius and are experiencing transiting Neptune squaring your natal Neptune.  This can cause disillusionment, too high expectations and feeling let down.  This is a generational aspect and you are not alone in your feelings.

Those of you born in the 80’s have Uranus in Sagittarius and the desire for change is strong in you.

Those if you born in the 90’s have Pluto in Scorpio and the Lunar Nodes are reshaping your ideas for the future, giving you strong wants, and desires for your lives.


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