Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mercury Retrograde Nov.6-Nov.26, 2012

When the planet Mercury goes retrograde its effects are less effective than when the planet is direct. What does that mean? Retrogrades are good for taking your time in doing things, not rushing, for learning things thoroughly and researching and asking questions, getting a lot of opinions and buying time. Mercury goes retrograde about 3 times per year giving us all added time to negotiate, ask questions and perfect whatever’s going on in our lives at that time. Do you retreat from life and business? No, you simply become more careful and selective. If you are in tune you will naturally do this, and there won’t be a problem. However, if you are anxious and nervous and not in a good place in time; Mercury retrograde could cause problems for you. As one of the personal planets, Mercury rules our daily activities, communications, computers, short travels in the car, by bus or any other transportation. It rules communications; telephones, computers, and agreements, and misunderstandings.
When a planet is in its storm, it means that the planet is nearing retrograde or coming out of retrograde and its movements are slower. Which is still good for things that require our time, our efforts and in many cases keep us from making mistakes, If our processes are slower we will approach people, things and new ventures more carefully and with a lot more patience and thought. This is needed in the case of research.
In its shadow it is repeating the degrees of the retrograde period. The theory goes that we will repeat the events or experiences that took place during the repeated degrees. A planet makes its first pass, goes retrograde and makes its 2nd pass over the same degrees, has 2 retrograde degree points, known as the it’s station or stationary points or stationary degree and repeats the same degrees once more in it’s 3rd pass through. Approximately 3 times per year the planet Mercury appears to go in apparent retrograde motion this usually lasts for about 18 days. It goes backwards and, repeats the degrees over again and then again when it goes apparent direct. Giving 3 opportunities to repeat, review, and re-enact some portion of our lives and experiences. Mercury in retrograde is not really moving backwards, it moves away from the Earth in its orbit.
Mercury retrograde gives us the opportunity to reassess and renegotiate. It slows us down so that we don't feel as if life is moving at warp speed.

Mercury in Aries: Prone to exaggeration or making things bigger than they are. Impulsive, quick witted, likes to argue, generally gives a restless mind. begins projects quickly , not so good at finishing them though.

Mercury in Taurus: Earthy Taurus gives a quite and determined mind. practical, and determined when developing mental agile ness. Learns through, love of pleasure, and fond of the opposite sex. Good judgment but, opinionated.

Mercury in Gemini: This is the home placement for Mercury making it very strong in it's own sign. Clever, quick witted, sees both sides of everything, would make a good lawyer, likes, reading writing, and learning new things.

Mercury in Cancer: Good memory rests here. Diplomacy, faithful, and sensitive. Spiritually inclined, able to mentally verbalize and express feelings and emotions to others.

Mercury in Leo: Ambitious, self confident, and kind or big hearted. Fond of sports and pleasurable activities. talent in singing or acting. Love of drama, acting and giving 100%.

Mercury in Virgo: this is the home for Mercury as mercury rules virgo and additionally it's the place of mercury's exaltation. here Mercury self confidence and a selfless attitude. Mercury placed here is prudent, careful and meticulous. the powers of persuasion are great and mercury can talk anyone into anything. Quiet, critical yet skeptical.

Mercury in Libra: Quiet, good memory, must make own decision, bad decisions will be made when others lead. An artistic nature and natural abilities for inventions and math.

Mercury in Scorpio: Bold and brave mercury placed here can be sarcastic and biting in speech. Prone to being shrewd and lewd. Pleasure seeking, trouble indicted with friends and family.

Mercury in Sagittarius: Mercury is in it's detriment here. Working out mistakes, learning and experiencing life. Ambitious, sincere yet rash and impulsive.

Mercury in Capricorn: An active, keen and sharp mind for business. Curious yet critical. Constantly busy and interested in science. Serious, thoughtful and makes for great strategists.

Mercury in Aquarius: refined mind makes for deep thinkers, making friends easily and readily. Fond of math, business and politics.

Mercury in Pisces: Mercury here is in both it's detriment and Fall, indicating a weakness and needing more affirmative action. Needs to work out mistakes. Not fond of studying prefers to learn by intuition.

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