Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Typically bad weather is predictable when Mercury and Mars are in challenging aspects. The planet Mars in Sagittarius opposed Jupiter RX in Gemini and this contributed to windy weather. Jupiter represents anything expansive, large and impressive in the sign of Mercury's ruler ship Gemini which rules air. Mercury has been aspecting the Lunar Nodes and now Neptune which rules the sea. So some of the affects of Hurricane Sandy could  be felt through late January 2013.
The Lunar Nodes when aspected cause a period of temporary inactivity.  It seems things are on hold, have come to a halt or we are waiting for something to happen or something to pass when the Lunar Nodes are transited.  This week both Venus and Mercury aspected the lunar nodes which contributed to a change of circumstances, and made it appear that things were on hold as we waited for things beyond our control like the weather or events in our life to occur or pass.  The effects of Hurricane Sandy may last through late January 2013. 
These same aspects can impact our personal lives too.  Events, circumstances and things beyond our control can have long term influences and cause changes in our personal lives now too.

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