Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Birth Charts of Presidential Candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

The Birth Charts of Presidential Candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama
The Birth Charts of Presidential Candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

When analyzing Birth Charts and making predictions I always look for two things 1.  What makes this person great and 2.  Is there anything crazy about this person?  Not a joke, that’s just the way I look at birth charts. It makes sense because when you talk to as many people as I do you need to know how to approach them.  I think Barack Obama will be reelected for the following reasons, and I’m just going to add that in October it’s going to be a dirty nasty campaign, and a close one. The month of December 2012, afflicts both of their charts.  Giving rise to the question do either make it to the presidency.

Mitt Romney is a Pisces, as was Einstein.  What makes him great?  His Moon is in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter very close to the Lunar South Node in Sagittarius.  The man has blind luck.  Many really great people have the Nodes conjunct their personal planets. His Pluto is sextile Neptune the ruler of his Mars, Mercury, and Sun in Pisces, so he’s charming and has a dream. He’s focused on getting what “he wants”

The crazy part:  the very thing that makes him great and driven towards success the Moon in Scorpio makes him extremely selfish to the point of being oblivious of anyone else.  The Lunar South Nodes square Mars in Pisces, could lead him to have too many irons in the fire and be unproductive, but talk a mean game. The Moon in Scorpio is notorious for being one of the worst placements for the Moon, because of it's emotional detachment.  he cares about his family and that's about it.  He's secretive, always has an agenda and doesn't do anything without knowing what's in it for him.

Barack Obama is a Leo.  What makes him great?  The Lunar North Node conjunct the Planet Uranus, makes him a visionary, Mars and Pluto in Virgo gives an attention to detail and a love of working hard and being of service to others.  He sees himself as a boy scout. He's a Leo like many presidents have been, and as such loves attention. In the 6th house he'll work hard for attention, he thrives on the attention.  The planet Pluto and Mars are in the sign of Virgo, a sign the represents service to others, and the Mars-Pluto combination suggests he works overtime.





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