Sunday, September 2, 2012

Face yourself and your Fears It's September

As September begins many inevitable changes are taking place.  The Lunar Nodes entered Scorpio and Taurus respectively, the North Node entered Scorpio and the South Node Taurus.  The Lunar Nodes transit backwards except when retrograde then they transit forwards.  As the Lunar Nodes began they’re transit through Scorpio and Taurus they started at the fated degree of 29°.  The last degree of any sign is called the “Anaretic Degree or Fated Degree”.  It can indicate left over karma from a prior lifetime or unfinished business in this lifetime. This transit along with Mars entrance into the sign of Scorpio is very telling as to what we can expect from Saturn’s transit beginning in October through the sign of Scorpio.

Mars tells the story of how Saturn’s transit will begin and perhaps the Lunar North Node in Scorpio is suggestive of the direction things should and can go.  As the planets transit through Scorpio events and circumstances seem final, just as death seems final to us.  Not really though, we all have an entrance date into this world, called the birth date and entrance date into the next world, and each date marks the exit from the prior world. The sign of Scorpio rules many things, like the surgeon’s scalpel, death and re-birth, transformation, determination, sharing, selfish desires, intimacy, and everything that belongs to the underworld and the dark side.  Everyone is asked repeatedly to face his or her worst fears, death, and demons.  These transits bring out the part of yourself, which you loathe the most; your ugly side, and that most destructive, jealousy, envious part of you, will come out during these transits.  It’s your challenge to look at yourself, change some things, grow, and move on. The sign of Scorpio can change any bad thing into a positive and vice versa; any good thing into a negative.  These transits if you let them can make you stronger than you ever thought you could be and do things that you never thought you would or could.  These transits are powerful and make your powerful too.  You become invincible as you face whatever the world throws your way.

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