Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MAC Cosmetics Heavenly Creatures Launch

I had a great evening with MAC Cosmetics and the launch of their New Product line Heavenly Creatures.  Since I love all things planetary I was especially excited about this color palette based on the array of colors in our Galaxy.  Astrology especially vedic astrology lends itself to the use of color as a way to enhance specific planetary attributes. For example, if you're going out for an evening of Fun and hope to attract someone special MAC's color eye Shadow "Magnetic Attraction" is a slurry of about 77 minerals hand packed in Italy and more importantly is a swirl of RED for the planet MARs and yellow for the planet VENUS, I think that says it all. I love it!
Thier color "Water" eye shadow reflected the colors of the ocean perfectly and would be great for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.  Bright Moon looked the color of the Moon and could be worn by Cancer but also by anyone wanting to feel or make others feel calm and nurtured! If you're going on a job interview and need to look responsible,  like you're on the fast track upwards it would hurt to use the eye shadow caled "Earth".  There are colors in this palette for every Sun sign and for every planetary attribute you want to be!  Check them out! Visit your local MAC store or their website  MAC Cosmetics Heavenly Creatures

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