Monday, February 20, 2012

Its the new Moon in Pisces

This week the planet of love Venus transiting in Aries forms an inconjunct with the planet Mars RX in Virgo;   the inconjunct aspect is a challenging aspect or an aspect where we have to redirect, divide, divert our activities, so it might be a day of change, challenges and false alarms; a day also when someone is blamed for not taking action or not doing the appropriate thing.  The sign of Aries is the ruler of Mars.  So the feeling that we have to keep everyone separate from each other or parts of our lives detached from other parts of our lives is not true, that’s the illusion.  Along with the Venus Mars RX opposition, the messenger planet Mercury in Pisces will oppose Mars RX in Virgo also.  The opposition suggests conflicting or opposing points of view.  However since the planet Mercury rules the sign of Virgo it could be an illusion that things are contradicting what we feel or what we want.  So we have Venus in Aries and Mercury in Pisces, pointing to Mars RX in Virgo, the challenge is to do something, to be helpful, to continue to work hard even if you feel you’re not getting anywhere and to avoid conflict when pushed by others.  The challenge is to stop worrying.  

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