Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mercury Retrograde the Do's and Don'ts

Mercury goes retrograde about 3 times per year giving us all added time to negotiate, ask questions and perfect whatever’s going on in our lives at that time. Do you retreat from life and business? No, you simply become more careful and selective. If you are in tune you will naturally do this, and there won’t be a problem. However, if you are anxious and nervous and not in a good place in time, Mercury retrograde could cause problems for you. As one of the personal planets, Mercury rules our daily activities, communications, computers, short travels in the car, by bus or any other transportation. It rules communications; telephones, computers, and agreements, and misunderstandings. In 2011 these are Mercury’s retrograde Cycles:
Mer R Mar 30 2011 12:48 24°Ar21' R
Mer D Apr 23 2011 02:05 12°Ar54' D
Mer R Aug 2 2011 19:51 01°Vi12' R
Mer D Aug 26 2011 14:04 18°Le42' D
Mer R Nov 23 2011 23:20 20°Sg06' R
Mer D Dec 13 2011 17:43 03°Sg52' D
Mer R Mar 11 2012 23:50 06°Ar48' R
Mer D Apr 4 2012 02:12 23°Pi52' D

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