Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Love Predictions

Aries: when the love of your life appears on scene you could be tempted to stray away

Taurus: you could meet your future mate while at work or visiting his or her place of employ.

Gemini: While you say you want to settle down and find true love, you really want to play the field.

Cancer: you attract the rich and powerful type; you need someone who is financially independent.

Leo: You’re not rushing into anything or so you say, you’re just getting the marriage license in case.

Virgo: After a tough long term relationship you are ready to simplify and find someone easy breezy.

Libra: you are always better in a twosome; it’s just finding the courage to commit again that’s holding you back

Scorpio: you have plenty of time to think about what you should have done better, maybe that’s why you attract forbidden fruit.

Sagittarius: a humble you has emerged and you are ready to share what’s left with a special person who’s right around the corner.

Capricorn: you win a magnetic and big person who everyone else wants and playing that game is lots of fun.

Aquarius: are you ready for someone different? Then sign up for Samba Class and meet a dancer with an accent.

Pisces: get ready for a shot romance that makes all your other lovers look seem like a waste of time.

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