Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Occupational Hazards of an Astrologer

WEBSITE CONTACT ENQUIRY (Fans of astrology feel free to respond to my stalker)

 Received January 25 2011
Message: I find myself reading this nonsense with the greatest of ease. Such as religion, it boasts morality but lack integrity. See, the reason why it is so easy to read is that like any joke I find funny, this I find hilarious.The truth is I do not understand the concept of astrology because believing in a lie makes you a stultified human being with no perception of reality. The reality is that, merely posing an emotion to a planets orbit around the Sun is stupid. Where astrology started, reality ended. You on the other hand, like most Christian churches, make money out of talking rubbish. So, seeing that Pluto got shot off and is now referred to as Asteroid 134340, what is now to be said dear? Not hating you at all, you seem like a well informed, good looking lady. I just want to know, how so you deal with a lie and send it off as true to people that need some assurance? I know truth and this, is bull.Cherio from a sunny South Africa

Name: Johan Duvenhage
Address: 1
City: Pretoria
State: Gauteng
Zip: 0085
Country: South Africa
Category: Year Ahead Zodiac
StarSign: Gemini
select: Male
Month: June
Date: 7
Year: 1980
Email: johanduv@fastmail.net

End of Email 

Advanced User Details from this ip


CountryCode : ZA

Code3 : ZA

Country : South Africa

Region : Gauteng

City : Pretoria

Latitude : -25.7069

Longitude : 28.2294

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