Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Predictions

It’s an exciting year of change both good and bad depending on your outlook. No matter what your outlook though, change is inevitable. In the world of high finance and capital markets volatility is needed to make money. The fluctuating ups and downs provide opportunities to capitalize on change. With Jupiter (foreign) and Uranus (unexpected) leaving the hidden world of Pisces and coming out into the open through the sign of Aries, what surprises do we all have in store for us? In a world where we can’t control our borders and the threat of religious (Jupiter) zealots staging holy wars against us these threats are real and probable in 2011.

Cultures too change in fluctuating environments. Societies and the defined roles of men and women inevitably change with fluctuating economies and circumstantial events like wars. In 2011 the sexual revolution becomes stronger as the roles that men and women play in each other’s lives fail to follow the prescribed rules. Just like in the 60’s women and gays alike take to the streets and demand equality. Another Cultural Revolution is upon us.

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