Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This weeks Horoscopes!

As your horoscope week begins you could feel out of the loop as Mercury the planet of communications rubs Neptune and Chiron the wended healer the wrong way. Hurt, confusion, blurred lines and the gray areas of life hunt you as you struggle to get have to get back on track, and draw the boundary lines in the sand once again, In other words we have to remind others when they have gone too far.

As the Sun in Libra conjoins Saturn that oh so familiar feeling of life on hold or being at a standstill returns for a bit, when out of the blue a flurry of activity and communications returns.

As Mercury enters Libra it joins the Sun and Saturn; you can finally make sense of everything that has happened and hopefully mend, repair or just move on now!

As Venus the planet of love conjoins Mars in Scorpio not only could your finances improve but gifts could be forth coming too. Things have a way of getting interesting when these two planets get together in Scorpio; secret love intrigues, and unusual love for money scenario make their way into our lives. It now becomes necessary to separate your desire for union and love from your bank account. The decisive factor comes when Mercury squares Pluto and you decide to go where angels fear to tread and take a chance.

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